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VESA Signal 1792 x 1344 @ 75 Hz timing

General timing

Screen refresh rate75 Hz
Vertical refresh106.27035830619 kHz
Pixel freq.261.0 MHz

Horizontal timing (line)

Polarity of horizontal sync pulse is negative.

Scanline partPixelsTime [µs]
Visible area17926.8659003831418
Front porch960.36781609195402
Sync pulse2160.82758620689655
Back porch3521.3486590038314
Whole line24569.4099616858238

Vertical timing (frame)

Polarity of vertical sync pulse is positive.

Frame partLinesTime [ms]
Visible area134412.646988505747
Front porch10.0094099616858238
Sync pulse30.028229885057471
Back porch690.64928735632184
Whole frame141713.333915708812